Upcoming activities

  • 09 – 09 – 2022: Autumn drink
  • 22 – 10 – 2022: ITEM Lustrum activity
  • 11 – 2022: Informative activity

Informative activity

Go with ITEM to a mystery location to learn more about IS and HTI related topics. Planned in November, exact date TBD.

Autumn drink

The yearly ITEM autumn drink at Intermate at the TU/e 9th of september 2022.

ITEM Lustrum

ITEM celebrated their Lustrum in 2020. Due to the pandemic we’re still celebrating with a party the 22nd of October 2022 at Demos! The theme is Schrala – No money for a gala. Members, non-members and MSc students are welcome.

Get your tickets here: Eventbrite LustrumParty ITEM

Questions, suggestions or ideas for new activities? Les us know!